Calamity Joy

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to teach a Zoom painting class to some girls scouts, most of whom were former students.  I was a Brownie, a Cadet, Junior and then went back not officially as. Senior, but as a volunteer with the younger students.  The Girl Scouts were absolutely formative to my upbringing and philosophy.  I volunteered, though the troop offered to pay me, and decided to do some stylized flowers.


This started me on a journey., actually now that I think of it, I am repainting a solid maple desk, my plan is to turn it into a cave to get to a fairy grotto in a closet, that’s why I wanted to paint that with the girls scouts.


I had an old gesso board I had drawn on and discarded and decided to play with the idea.

0C9C96A5-717E-4934-8255-20B03D31C495I liked it but wasn’t sure I loved it.
I also had a stretched canvas, I don’t even remember what was on it to start, but long ago I had guessed over whatever it was.  I then started working with Golden Acrylics both some older thick paint and some liquid acrylics and some 100 medium.  As I worked I began to add in some Micron pen designs, which is eventually how I finished with a doodle on top of the paint.

final result is a 32”x22”x1.5” stretches canvas painting, titled Calamity Joy.
I named it this because although the Covid-19 virus, and resultant isolation has been a calamity, it has been a source of joy for me. The solitude, and freedom to work on art while getting paid, to work on my perennials while getting paid, and to have time to volunteer my time, while getting paid has been tremendously positive.

My style is a kind of stylistic realism, realism when en plain air.  But the doodles are a 32 year passion.  The years of teaching drawing to primary school students has increased this tendency for simplistic stylization, lending a cartoonish quality to my work, which is enhanced by the black marker I prefer for doodling.  The subject of flowers most from my gardens, is deeply symbolic.  The daisy a reference to my favorite flower, echinacea to my best friend and herbal healing.  The yarrow a medicinal used to stop the flow of blood from open wounds  the poopy to numbing the pain of , the lotus to my spirituality, dogwood strength and resilience, and finally black eyed Susan, encouragement and motivation all spiraling inwards, on life giving waters bordered by solid rock as protection.

For sale 350$.

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